Playing with (in) the restoration: metatheatre as a strategy of appropriation in contemporary rewritings of restoration drama
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"Univ.degli Studi di Perugia - Dip.Scienze linguistiche e filologico-letterarie dell'area Anglo-Germanica"
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Over the last two decades, writers as diverse as Edward Bond, Howard Barker, Caryl Churchill, Declan Hughes, Tìmberlake Wertenbaker, April De Angelis, Stephen Jeffreys, Martin Crimp have looked at the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, discovering this period's profound kinship with late- and post-Thatcherite Britain from a political, cultural and aesthetic point of view. Particulary when employing a metatheatricai structure, they have established a dialogue with the Restoration and its theatre in order to chart the state of dramatic art in present-day Britain. Using the past as an oblique way of addressing the present, they have tackled issues of sponsorship, censorship, public funding, forced commercialisation, stage/audience dialectics, in an effort to envisage a solution to the deep crisis which has affected the theatre during and after the Thatcher era. The Restoration, an age when new writing flourished in spite of, or even in reaction to, considerable political and economic pressures, has come to represent an important term of comparison for today's artists, and has provided an ideal ground, or rather a "play-ground", to expiore new modes of theatrical expression at a particulariy criticai historicai juncture.
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