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Income distribution, Growth and Employment
SKU: 0802328000
Balducci Renato - Staffolani Stefano
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"Economia del Lavoro"
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The Italian Association of Labour Economists chose the issue of income distribution, growth and employment as the subject of a session of the fìfteenth Conference, held at the University of Ancona in September 2000. Some of the papers presented there are now collected in this book. The sharp decrease of the labour income share in European continental countries together with the effects of workers' resistance to wage cuts are investigated in the first part of the book. The second part deals with innovation and growth and particularly with the role played by market power, technical progress, scale efficiency, and skill upgrading. The third part analyses the tertiary sector, with particular reference to technical progress, the effects of 'professionalisation', the relationship between productive structure and labour demand. The fourth part deals with coordination between fiscal and monetary policies and wage setting.


Renato Balducci is Professor of Economics at the University of Ancona, Italy. He specialized at the Linacre College of Oxford. His research interests include Economic Policy, Growth Theory and Labour Economics.
Stefano Staffolani is Associate Professor at the University of Ancona, Italy and teaches Microeconomics and Labour Economics. He specialized in Labour Economies at the University of Paris I, Sorbonne, and took a Ph.D. in economics at Ancona. His research interests include labour market flexibility, efficiency wages, education, growth. He is currently involved in a research program on the effects of ICT on employment.
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