Sourcing Decision Management
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Ancarani Alessandro - Raffa Mario
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"Ingegneria economico - gestionale"
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Managers are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of money. Involved in purchasing decisions related to production materials, investment goods, and services. Literature and practical observations highlight the need for a better understanding of the complexity of the source decision-making process, to support managers in these decisions. The increasing aviability of modern information technologies makes it possible to use electronic means to exchange goods and services - definitively affecting sourcing decisions. However, a number of questions still require a clear answer: which applications are aviable and alredy effective; what are the effects of public procurement policy on the small and medium enterprices? Sourcing Decision Management provides insights in the latest theoretical, methodological, and practical questions analysed by the academics working on these topics. Interrelated and complex dimensions of the sourcing decisions faced by companies are outlined. The book is intended to be useful from both the theoretical and practical point of view.


Alessandro Ancarani is Associate Professor of Business Economics and organisation at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Catania.

Mario Raffa is Professor of Business economics and Organisation at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II and President of the Italian Managerial Engineering Association.
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