New logics for the New Economy. VIII SIGEF Congress proceedings
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Zollo Giuseppe
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"Ingegneria economico - gestionale"
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This book contains the extended abstracts of more than 80 papers presented at the VIII Congress of SIGEF (International Association for Fuzzy-Set Management and Economy) held in Napoli, on 20- 21 September 2001. The book includes a CD-Rom containing the full text of the papers. New Logics for the New Economy provides a set of research, methods, techniques, applications and projects based on fuzzy logie, neural systems, genetic algorithms, ant systems, uncertainty theory, complexity theory, new quantitative methods and soft computing, in the field of economics, finance, management and organisation, stimulus for further research, and suggestions for academicians, professionals and practitioners.


Giuseppe Zollo, Chairman of the VIII SIGEF Congress, Is Professor of Business Management at the School of Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II.
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