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Law and medicine
SKU: 7417069170
Botta Consiglia - Armbrüster Christian
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"Scienze Assicurative - Insurance Sciences"
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The issues of professional liability and insurance coverage for medical doctors are presently receiving increasing attention both in Germany and Italy. Controversies in this area, for years at the heart of the academic debate, involve experts from different fields and have a strong impact on public opinion, due to the significance of the involved interests. This volume presents contributions delivered by Italian and German senior and junior scientists at the International Workshop «Law and Medicine», jointly organized in Naples by the Federico II University of Naples and the Freie Universität Berlin. The two-day workshop covered a wide range of topics but mainly focused on the issues of medical liability and insurance contracts and revealed striking similarities between the Italian and the German systems. The international exchange has been be instrumental to the identification of adequate solutions to the complex problems occurring in medical practice and will, in the future, help improving relationships between physicians, their patients and insurance companies.

Christian Armbrüster holds the Chair of Private Law, Commercial and Company Law, Insurance Law and Private International Law at Freie Universität Berlin. His work has been presented in over 300 scientific publications, mainly in the fields of Contract, Company and Business Law, Insurance, Private International law and European Law. He has served as a Judge at the Berlin Court of Appeal (Kammergericht) from 2007 until 2013. His advice has been sought by the German Federal Parliament in various lawmaking projects.
Consiglia Botta is Associate Professor of Private law and ICT at the Federico II University of Naples. She has authored a number of books, articles and other publications, particularly in the area of civil law, insurance issues, regulatory topics and legal controversies related to medical practice. She is also Deputy Coordinator of the PhD program Diritto delle Persone, delle Imprese e dei Mercati at the Federico II University and has directed a number of international programs with different EU Institutions aimed at fostering training exchanges of early-stage as well as more advanced researchers at the international level.
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