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Human rights and their protection: law and customary practice
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Parrinello Concetta - Tanner Simon Machael
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The issue of human rights runs transversally through all areas of law, and in the light of the approaches adopted by jurisdictional bodies, we thus need to assess how the rights of the individual are ensured, protected and above all promoted. The papers collected here deal with the theoretical and practical legal issues involved in reconciling domestic and supranational legal systems and judicial decisions. They also de facto deal with the related linguistic difficulties of commenting on Italian legislation and case law in English, whose legal terminology and discourse are rooted in a legal system displaying at times significant differences to that of Italy. These papers are, then, also attempts to engage with and resolve the conflicts such differences may engender. This book brings together reflections by doctoral students in Law at the University of Messina Department of Law (32nd, 33rd, and 34th PhD programmes) on human rights issues which have been analysed or resolved in supranational case law.

Concetta Parrinello, Full Professor of Private Law and Coordinator of the PhD programme in Law at the University of Messina Department of Law. Her research interests include family law, contract law, property law, human rights; her books include: Riflessioni in tema di responsabilità dei professionisti. Gli obblighi dei consulenti del lavoro (Torino 2014); Tutele del legittimario ed evoluzione del sistema (Milano 2012); Medical malpractice e regole di responsabilità civile. Tradizione e innovazione (Milano 2008); Aree di parcheggio. Schemi tipici e nuove prospettive (Torino 2002).
Simon Michael Tanner, Lecturer of English at the University of Messina and Adjunct Professor of Legal English at the University of Messina Department of Law. His essays on Legal English and Legal Translation include: “The communication of legal information in English: a comparative analysis of UK, US and EU government websites” (Roma 2015); “The past, present and future of legal English in the UK and abroad” (Napoli 2007); “Problems of equivalence in legal translation” (Napoli 2005).

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