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European Family Property Relations Article by Article Commentary on EU Regulations1103 and 1104/2016

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Ruggeri Lucia - Garetto Roberto

This project was funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020)



The new European regulatory framework on family property relations (Regulations 1103 and 1104/2016) has come into effect on 29 January 2019. All cross-border couples in the 19 EU Member States involved in the enhanced cooperation which was adopted for these Regulations enjoy a freedom of choice and benefit of a proximity justice. The new rules regarding the choice of law and jurisdiction can simplify the management of the property regimes for married couples and property consequences for registered partnerships.
This Commentary would offer a path to know and better understand article-by-article the two Regulations.
A team of law experts, among them lawyers, notaries and scholars, analyses through a synoptic view the text of each article of each Regulation. The authors focus on the new provisions as well as on the existing case law by the European Court of Justice and courts of the Member States.

The editors
Lucia Rugger
i is Full Professor of Private Law and Director of the School of Specialization in Civil Law at the University of Camerino. She was the coordinator of the EU Consortium PSEFS ‘Personalized Solution in European Family and Succession Law PSEFS’. Currently, she is the coordinator of the EU Consortium EU-FamPro ‘EU-FamPro: E-Training on EU Family Property Regimes’ and she is also the coordinator of the Observatory in European Family and Succession Law.
Roberto Garetto is a Research Fellow in private law at the University of Camerino. He was a team member of the project ‘Personalized Solution in European Family and Succession Law – PSEFS’ and is a team member of the projects ‘E-training on EU Family Property Regimes – EU-FamPro’.

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