"Call for papers" 2015

Rassegna di Diritto ed Economia dello Sport

"Call for papers” 2015
SPECIAL ISSUE: Development in Sports Economics

Extended Deadline (to February 28st 2015)

Sports economics has become an important field of research in economics due to the increasing weight of the sport industry in the global economy and to the fact that, in many cases, sports data offer the opportunity to test relevant theories in economics, business and operational research.

Many sports economics papers have proved to be of interest in related fields to such as forecasting, labour markets, industrial economics, management, etc.

The aim of this special issue is to highlight the current state of the field of sports economics.

The guest editors for this issue are:

David Forrest (University of Liverpool) who has published widely in both theeconomics of sport and the economics of gambling. He is a member of theEditorial Boards of International Gambling Studies and the Journal of SportsEconomics. He is a member of the Experts Panel of Britain’s Responsible Gambling Strategy Board and advises the Gambling Commission.

Dimitri Paolini (Università di Sassary & Université catholique de Louvain) whohas as main research interests industrial organization and education-labor economics. Recently he has also contributed to the literature on sports economics with a number of publications.

Juan de Dios Tena Horrillo (Università di Sassari & Universidad Carlos III) whohas published widely on sports economics in journals. He also serves asforecasting analyst at Instituto Flores de Lemus, Madrid.

Papers can be submitted to this special issue until February 28, 2015.

Send your contributions to the following email address:

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Time schedule:
• November, 2015, Publication of the call for papers;
• February 28, 2015, Deadline for the submission of papers;
• April 15, 2015, Completion of the review process (all papers will be
subject to an initial screening process).

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