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How to order

First purchase
If this is your first time shopping with us before sending your order you must complete the registration form.
Registration is only required the first time. For all subsequent purchases will be required only the email and password of your choice.
The registration does not in any way constrain you to purchase, so you'll want to register even if you are here just for a visit.

Registration form
Enter your email address and choose your personal password.
The email address and password that you provide your login option, which allows you to access your personal section "my E.S.I.", from where you can check your order and verify their status.
The login you will be prompted every time you want to place an order or access your personal section "my E.S.I."
Enter your personal details, remembering that the fields in bold with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Fill in the Billing section if you wish to receive an invoice the orders that you want to do: you will automatically be delivered along with required products. Enter the name of the invoice, the VAT number and tax code in the appropriate fields.
Additional information helps us provide you with a more efficient service and customized.
If you would like to receive our periodic newsletter to update select the [Yes] button.
Once you have registered you can file your first order. For more information see how to order

How to search for products
You have several search modes according to your financial needs.
Choose the drop down menu the catalog in which to search and navigate visually through levels of category buttons on the page.
To see the details of the products that interest you, simply click on the title of the product itself.
The advanced search allows you to search based on different criteria (eg. Title, author, topic, code) and is most effective when you have accurate data regarding the product you are looking for.
To access the advanced search page, click on the link found at the top of every page.
You can search separately on each of the categories indicated in the buttons above.
Check out our weekly specials page on savings clicking on buttons that identify different categories at the top of the home page or via the links at the end of each page.
To see the preview offers sign up now and subscribe to our Newsletter. Each week you will receive new interesting proposals.

How to make an order
It's your first order on our site? Here is a guide that explains step by step how to do it.
You'll find that ordering is simple, safe and very fast.

Find products
If you know some products of your interest using the simple search or browse our departments to find the latest news and special offers.
Clicking on the name of the product you can access to its detailed card that shows the timing of finding.
Once you find the product you are looking for please enter it in the shopping cart by clicking on the button located next to it.

Add the products into the shopping cart
In the shopping cart are stored all the products you've chosen. You can access at any time the contents of your cart by clicking the button at the top of every page.
Add to your cart all items of your interest: you can remove them at any time with a single click.
To remove a product from your cart check the box provided and click [update].
If you want to change the quantity of a product, enter the number in the corresponding space and press [update].
When you're done shopping and you want to order what you've chosen, press [sort] and go to the login page.
Empty cart at the end of your browsing session.

Enter your login
If this is your first purchase, before submitting the order you must complete the registration form. Once registration is complete you will be taken directly to the order form.
If you have already registered, enter your email and password you provided when registering.

Select your shipping method and payment
If you would like to submit a new order please indicate the arrangements for payment and shipping of your choice by checking the appropriate box.
To choose the service that best suits your needs visit the detailed descriptions of Shipments and payments.
Once you have chosen the shipping and payment mode, by pressing the key [confirm] you will be taken to the order summary page.

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