Cigarette smuggling in Naples
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Melorio Simona
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"Università degli Studi del Molise - Dipartimento Giuridico" 
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For years cigarette smuggling and its consequences are underestimated both by politicians and by citizens. But it was illegal and promoted the growth of an underground economy and a black-market trade, making extremely wealthy the criminals associated in this commerce. Although the methodology has changed compared to the past, as today the transport of illicit cigarettes is predominantly by road, Naples and the Campania region are still undoubtedly part of this trade, as the «bancarielli» in some districts of Naples show, and the camorra clans are often still involved in it

Simona Melorio has a Law degree and a PHD in Criminology, deviance and social change. Her main research fields are mafias and corruption. About these themes she had various research grants and scholarships from the University of Molise and from the Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples. Today she is a researcher of Iprs (research Institute of Rome) in the project Liberi di scegliere (financed by the Ministry of Justice) about young criminals in mafias environments. Among her publications: Cultura di camorra, Edizionilabrys, 2010; Anticamorra silente. Dalla repressione alle peer courts, Edizionilabrys, 2012; with Isaia Sales, Le mafie nell’economia globale. Fra la legge dello Stato e le leggi di mercato, Guida, 2017 and Storia dell’Italia corrotta, Rubbettino, 2019.

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