Words in the way of truth. Truthfulness, deception lying across cultures and disciplines
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Vincent Marrelli Jocelyne
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Must words always be in the 'way of truth'? How and why do words 'get in the way' of truth? What is truthfulness, anyway? Is all non-truthfulness deceitful; is all iying or deception bad? Are practices of truthfulness and lying the same everywhere? Are some cultures more truthful, sincere, deceitful than others? Do different cultures give different values to truthfulness? Why do we often perceive 'others' as more dishonest, devious or hypocritical than 'us'? What counts as truthfulness, sincerity, honesty? Do they always count? Is truth always relevant to talk? Where is truthfulness (to be) judged? In words, intentions, effects? Who says ambiguity is always 'doubie-talk' or 'two-faced', or that direct, plain, straight talk is better than indirect or loose? Do we need truthfulness or deception to survive together in society? Do we need to assume truthfuiness on the part of others to be abie to understand what they mean or intend? What do the names we cali the many faces of truthfulness and non-truthfulness reveal about our folk theories and ethics of language and society? This book, then, is an invitation to question the 'ways of words' with truthfulness and deception in cross-cultural perspective - an attempt to use insights from pragmatics and neighbouring disciplines to become more aware of how we, in our different cultures, act and react on the basis of often unquestioned assumptions concerning truthfulness and what is natural and right in 'our way' of words - our discourse worlds. Awareness that our perceptions, understanding and evaluation of 'others' may be awry because of them, is the first step on the way to any responsible, personal stance towards other cultures; and informed and mindful cross-talk, across the ways of words, will be at least more cross-'wise', and perhaps less cross.


Jocelyne Vincent Marrelli
Is Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the 'Orientale' University of Naples. She has always lived cross-culturally. She was born in London of French parents, and brought up in immigrant-rich North London and on the then immigrant-less South Coast. She studied at York University where she obtained a B.A. Hons. in Language/Linguistics - with Spanish and Chinese - & Education, and at Sussex University, obtaining the D.Phil. in Linguistics with a dissertation on basic colour terminology. She has lived and worked in Rome and especially Naples since the seventies with her South Italian husband and their three children. Her research is mainly in theoretical linguistics, especially contrastive pragmatics, the description of Anglophone and S. Italian 'discourse worlds', English as a lingua franca and intercultural interaction education. Her approach is multidisciplinary. The titles of some of her work published in Italy and elsewhere reveal her enduring concern with these issues: On Cross-Purposes in Cross-Thlk (1989); English for Cross-Talk: Pidgin for Pentecost? (1990); On Non-Serious Talk: Some Cross-Cultural Remarks on the (Un)Importance of (not) Being Earnest' (1994); On The Cross-Cultural Perception of In/Sincerity (1997); Truthfulness, in Handbook of Pragmatics (2002). She is co-editor/author of Menzogna e Simulazione (1997); English and the Other (1999).
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