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The European Approach towards Personal Data Protection in Sport as a Response to the Challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Kedzior Magdalena
Estratto Rivista

Rassegna di diritto ed economia dello sport 2/2017

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The fourth industrial revolution, also known as the digital industrial revolution, has changed the model of conducting businesses in sport. The transformation process assumes that modern, intelligent IT technologies are applied at every stage of a business operation. These characteristics of businesses entities, including sports clubs, determine their competitive advantage in the market. However, digital transformation also entails certain risks to the privacy of data subjects, and thus to athletes. Facing these developments it seems desirable to assess changes that will result for sport from the regulation of the recent data protection law reform undertaken in the European Union. The reform is intended to improve the functioning of a single European market in the field of personal data protection. These issues are extremely important from a sport business point of view which is almost always associated with the processing of an athlete’s personal data. Even the superficial analysis of the new regulation, commonly known as GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – leads to the conclusion that they will have a significant impact on the obligations of sports clubs and federations on the one hand and on the athlete’s rights regarding personal data processing on the other hand. This is of special significance in the realm of sensitive data processing as regards the system of doping controls.

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