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Criminal Law Regulation of Age Fraud of Athletes

SKU: 9917272018
Xu Xiang - Xu Jingwen
Estratto Rivista

Rassegna di diritto ed economia dello sport 2/2017

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Age fraud of athletes swept the field of competitive sports unknowingly, and caused many negative effects, not only undermine the athletic spirit of fair sports, but also spawned criminal acts. Through the case analysis and comparative research at home and abroad, it is found that due to the negative influence of utilitarianism, the contradiction of management mechanism, the rules of relevant rules, the weak standard of industry and the lack of laws and regulations, it is necessary to discipline within the sports organization and other mechanisms on the basis of the criminal law. And through the analysis of the standard of criminal law regulation, put forward on the serious damage to the interests of others to counterfeit acts and damage to society, the national interests of the age of false acts of criminal law regulation, for which through the four paths to be regulated, that is, through the existing provisions of the fraud Crime, abuse of power, forged and altered the identity of the identity of the identity of the perpetrators can play a certain mandatory constraints, if the new false competitive sports crime more able to rule the country according to law enforcement to provide a strong legal basis and protection.

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