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Broadcasting rights of games played by student-athletes in the era of ‘We-Media’

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Wang Kai-Li - Huang Yi-Pei
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Rassegna di diritto ed economia dello sport 2/2017

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‘We-media’, a term akin to ‘citizen journalism’ in English, refers to today’s wide use of online technology to offer news materials or comments. Modern digital devices give an easy access to the Internet, to which users can upload texts, music, photos or audio/video clips. When it comes to watching live sports games on one of today’s cutting-edge gadgets, however, there is a conflict between ‘individual podcasting’ and broadcasting by traditional television (TV) networks. Previous literature shows that broadcasting rights are not inherent; instead, they form a contractual relationship. This means the effects under broadcasting rights (especially exclusivity effect) must be set out in a contract. In Asia, however, sports played by student- athletes are not bound by well-organized regulations and contractual rules. As a result, the ownership and scope of broadcasting rights in the said sports are not defined clearly. As ‘We-media’ is gaining importance today, we consider it necessary to discuss the nature of broadcasting rights for sports played by student-athletes. We will explore specifically the legal basis for exclusivity effect because this is the bottom line for negotiating a broadcasting contract.

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