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Analysis of the Necessity to Build the Third-Party Professional Game Match Referee Organization for International Competitive Sports

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Qiao Guo
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Rassegna di diritto ed economia dello sport 2/2017

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The international competitive sports third-party professional referee organization is created by holding the attitude that the injustice problem must be settled form its bottom choosing and appointing referees. International Olympic Sports Committee has relative international leadership authority, therefore, thus, under the centralized and decentralized sports management system, the author puts up with the idea of building the Third-Party Professional Game Match Referee Organization. The International Comprehensive competitive Sports Referee Management Committee should be set up under the International Olympic Committee to manage the international competitive sports third-party professional referee organization, it can be set as the organization which does not belong to any country (or region, other organizations), and it also can be set to provide referee service only for international sports events in some qualified countries, and the international third-party referee organization is responsible for the management and selection of international referees, this will break the current status that the international sports events holding organization may be associated with the interests of the team, make the international referee independent, to achieve a purpose of third-party, professionalism and specialization.

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