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A Doping Scandal in Russia Politics or Reality?

SKU: 9917272019
Peskov Anatoly
Estratto Rivista

Rassegna di diritto ed economia dello sport 2/2017

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The article devoted to doping scandal in Russia. However, the author tried to look at this problem much deeper. As he considers, politicians and totalitarian regimes of power contribute to the spread of doping. However, the athletes themselves are also to blame for violating the rules of the World Anti-Doping Code and Fair Play. Doping became, as many experts note, not only more diverse, highly specialized and efficient, but also very dangerous for the health of athletes. One of the main factors that allow athletes to escape responsibility, it is corruption. Facts take place when doping divisions occur to corruption, particularly when positive samples disappear in an unknown direction, doping – tests falsified. The author pays particular importance to research and new technologies in the field of sports medicine, including generating new kinds of ways to influence the human body. The article also examines the practice of International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions. The author suggests to improve international sports law, to develop new enforcement mechanisms in the fight against doping, to impose a ban the testing of new drugs on professional athletes.

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