The Potential of Forensic Economics in the Fight against Match-Fixing
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Forrest David - McHale Ian
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Rassegna di diritto ed economia dello sport 2-3/2015


As the betting market has exploded in size, football and other sports have been subject to an epidemic of match fixing. This represents an offence against sporting values but also a threat to the commercial viability of competitions where audiences lose faith in the integrity of the product. In many areas of crime, forensic economics and statistics have been successful in identifying and thus deterring criminal activity. This paper explains how monitoring betting markets globally can help in finding evidence of which matches are likely to have been manipulated. It sets out the requirements for a system to be successful. Algorithms to flag up games for further investigation need to be sophisticated and human expertise is equally important if the incidence of false positives is not to be excessive. The application of both the algorithms and analysts’ expertise must be underpinned by (expensive) networks for gathering sporting and betting data.

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